Vision & Shared Mission
To be one of the most worldwide recognized research laboratories in modeling multiscale complex systems. BioCenit is an interdisciplinary research team that strives to improve quality of life by better understanding the complexity of relevant processes and interactions in nature, science and society. The systems science and engineering approach adopted aims at:
  • Generating new fundamental knowledge on the interactions between chemicals and biological entities from the nano to the macro scales;

  • Developing algorithms and methodologies to better understand complex networks of interactions in engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine and social sciences;

  • Improving analysis tools and promoting smarter engineering applications to transform the above knowledge into innovative products suitable for commercial exploitation.

  • Complexity in Nature: computational biomodeling and nanoinformatics; environmental engineering and chemistry; biostatistics.

  • Complexity in Society: systems toxicology; environmental and human health risks; operations research and logistics; human dynamics; science of cities.

Members of

*Research is linked to the doctoral programs in Chemical and Process Engineering and in Computer Engineering, respectively hosted by the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and the Dept. of Computer Science & Mathematics at URV.
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